How to get your Be In Motion Codes

Let's start at the beginning, just press play. 

Be In Motion cards are super special. They are complimentary with every purchase and help you deliver a message in a very unique way.


Immediately after purchasing a Be In Motion product you will receive an email with two Be In Motion codes. After entering those codes here, you enter the card recipient details and a special message of encouragement (or anything you would like to make their day).

We then send a beautiful card with your hand-written message to them but there's a twist...

When your friend, family member or colleague receives their card, they don't know it's from you. Instead, they need to scan the QR code on the card.

As soon as they do, we throw a party on their phone to reveal it's YOU!

As soon as they know it's you, we email you to let you know that you've made their day and they're asked to pay it forward to someone they know.

We call this #unexpected #encouragement and we hope you love it as much as we do!

There are two ways to get Be In Motion codes

  1. Buy any Be In Motion Product
  2. Buy a Be In Motion Cards TEAM 10 PACK


If you have any questions, you can email us here.