Hi, I'm Phil!

I created Be In Motion to help people achieve their goals through unexpected encouragement.

If you know someone doing it tough or doing great work, send them a Be In Motion card. It will change their day more than you can imagine!

Send Encouragement

Day. Made.

You know a person doing it tough or giving it their all. Keep them moving by sending them unexpected encouragement.

We will hand-write and mail your message of encouragement and there's a twist.

They won't know it's from you until they open their phone's camera and scan the QR code on the back of the card.

Make their day.

Send Encouragement


  • Hand-written

    On beautiful 300GSM card

  • Delivered by mail

    For a personal and memorable experience

  • Magical reveal

    By scanning a unique code on the card to reveal the sender


How do I find the best mailing address for the recipient?

We thought this would be an issue too but turns out, it's no issue at all! Just ask for the best mailing address because you want to send them 'a little something'. Most people forget you've asked and in a small number of cases we hear there is an 'AHA!' moment when we reveal it was you who sent it and that's a good thing! 

So all I pay is 10 AUD?

Correct! We then take care of hand-writing your message, postage and providing the recipient with a unique QR code for them to scan! 

What if I would like to send encouragement to my team and customers?

Excellent! We're working on that now but please let our team know know your interest in this feature by contacting us here!

Where can I send encouragement?

The short answer is ANYWHERE! As long as you have the recipients current mailing address.